Open Enrollment for Obamacare has ended.

But you can still enroll now if you had:


Change of Income

If your income has recently increased or decreased. Millions will qualify here.

Lost Health Coverage

Job loss Medicaid loss CHIP loss Insurance dropped

Change of Marriage Status

Married Divorced Seperated

New Family Member

Had a baby Adopted a child You were adopted

Moved Locations

Moved to another zip code, county or state which qualifies you for different Obamacare plan options.

No Longer a Dependent

You turned 26 and can no longer be covered on your parent’s health insurance plan.

Open Enrollment Errors

Errors at Insurance company errors Misc system errors

Exceptional Circumstances

Contract violations Unexpected hospitalization Misinformation from an Agent And more

If any of these happened to you
View rates and enroll >>

If none of these happened to you consider short-term insurance plans
until open enrollment re-starts in October 2015.


Millions of people enrolled in Obamacare for 2015

“The Affordable Care Act is working; it’s working a little better than we anticipated.” – Barack Obama   Read More

2015 Subsidy + Tax Penalty Calculator

For 2015, if you earn less than $46,680 as an individual (or $95,400 for a family of 4) you’ll receive a tax subsidy to help you pay for some or all of your insurance. Use our calculator to see how much you’ll be eligible for.

Calculate My Subsidy


Key Changes of the New Health Care Law

You must have insurance

If you aren’t enrolled in a health plan in 2015, you’ll receive a tax penalty at the end of the year. Learn More

Tax subsidies for free insurance

If you make less than $46,680 then you’ll be eligible for “subsidies” to help reduce your insurance costs.
Learn More

New Bronze, Silver, Gold, & Platinum Plans

All health plans now fall into these 4 categories & create new standards for insurance plans. Learn More

Increased Medicare benefits

The expensive “doughnut hole” for those on Medicare will finally begin to shrink and be nearly obsolete. Learn More

No more coverage limits

It’s now illegal for health insurance policies to put limits on how much they’ll pay for your medical bills. Learn More

Pre-existing condition? No problem

Insurers can no longer deny you or charge you more if you have a pre-existing condition. Learn More

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I still enroll in ACA/Obamacare plans now that Open Enrollment has ended?

Yes. Most states currently have extensions in place to help people finalize their enrollment (restrictions apply). Additionally, on February 20, 2015 the WhiteHouse announced a Special Open Enrollment from March 15-April 30 2015 (during tax season) as some Americans may have been unaware of the tax penalty for not enrolling in 2014 and may decide to enroll in 2015. Learn more.

What happens if I don't sign up for Obamacare?

If you don’t have insurance, you’ll be fined and you won’t be able to receive free tax subsidies to reduce your monthly cost until enrollment re-opens in November. For 2015 the fine is 2% of your yearly income or $325 per adult, whichever is higher, and there are additional fines if you have children. The fee increases every year. In 2016 it is 2.5% of income or $695 per adult, whichever is higher.

What if I can't afford health insurance?

If you’re unemployed or make less than $46,680 a year you can get a tax subsidy to help you. Try our calculator or give us a call. Also make sure you know all your options and read our “6 Must-Read Options to Consider Before Enrolling” 

How can I get a tax subsidy to lower my costs?

There are a number of ways to qualify. Even if you exceed the minimum of $46,680 as an individual, you may be able to qualify for credits. Learn more. 

What is short-term health insurance?

Short-term insurance are temporary health insurance plan designed for people without health insurance or can’t afford the rates of major medical coverage. Generally rates are far cheaper than Obamacare, however you can only have short-term insurance for less than 12 months and you’ll have to provide any medical conditions that may increase your rate, unlike with Obamacare. Also, since it’s not considered minimum essential coverage under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), and you’ll have to pay a tax penalty at the end of the year – about 2% of your annual salary in 2015. You can view short-term plans here. 

How do I apply for 2015 plans?

Complete the short form here to view rates and enroll online. 
Still have questions? Give us a call or read more in our news section