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75% Report High Satisfaction With Their Obamacare Plan, According To KFF Survey

Today Kaiser Family Foundation released results on a new study on the views and experiences of people purchasing health insurance coverage in the non-group market.

One of the primary highlights of the report shows 60 percent of ACA-compliant customers reported being satisfied or very satisfied with their monthly premium costs. Specifically, 74 percent of those with ACA-compliant Marketplace coverage rate their overall health insurance coverage as “excellent” or “good.”


The Kaiser study was conducted from February 18–April 5, 2015, after the close of the ACA’s second open enrollment period. Those polled included individuals who purchased ACA-compliant coverage through a marketplace and “non-ACA compliant” plans that were purchased before the ACA was enacted in March 2010.

The detailed results indicate that most ACA-compliant plan beneficiaries are satisfied with various plan elements, including choice of providers, copays, premiums and deductibles. These results show high numbers of enrollees’ satisfaction with their ACA-compliant coverage, including:

  • 75 percent reported being “very” or “somewhat” satisfied with their plan’s choice of primary care providers and hospitals
  • 73 percent reported being “very” or “somewhat” satisfied with copays for doctor’s visits
  • 70 percent reported being “very” or “somewhat” satisfied with prescriptions’ costs
  • About 64 percent reported being “very” or “somewhat” satisfied with choice of specialists; 16 percent were dissatisfied; about 19 percent didn’t know (likely because they hadn’t visited specialists under their plans)

In addition, the poll focused on the reasons why individuals purchase their specific plans. The main reasons for plan selection included:

  • 38 percent cited that their plan’s monthly premium costs as the main reason they chose their plan.
  • 32 percent cited their plan’s deductibles and copays.
  • About 25 percent cited their plan’s choice of doctors and hospitals.
  • 23 percent cited their plan’s range of benefits covered.
  • 6 percent cited their plan due to recommendations from friends and family.

Plan Pricing

When it comes to beneficiaries’ views about their plans’ cost, the news is good, but not great. More than half of those polled rated their plan as an “excellent” or “good” value for the price they pay. But 40 percent of those polled reported only a “fair” or “poor” value. Among marketplace enrollees, 32 percent report being dissatisfied with their premium, while 36 percent are dissatisfied with their deductible.

Americans can start enrolling for the 2016 Enrollment Period on November 1st, 2015. Those that need coverage before then should consider short-term health insurance until Open Enrollment begins.

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