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Health Care Marketplace Launches “Quick Quotes”

Today we’re excited to announce that we’ve officially launched our all-new “Quick Quotes” tool. This not only is designed to help you quickly and accurately receive quotes for your health insurance, but publishers are also be able to embed it on their sites to help their readers.

Full release can be found below and at

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Healthcare Marketplace Launches “Quick Quotes”

PRLog – Dec. 10, 2013 – Today, the Health Care Marketplace, launches “Quick Quotes,” an all-new price estimation tool that helps consumers quickly and acurately view the cost of their health insurance as part of the Affordable Care Act. Publishers can also embed the tool on their site to help engage their readers and provide accurate information.

Quick Quotes Tool

This unique tool averages official pricing information from Market Data and HHS Federal Poverty Level to determine the approximate estimated average price a user would pay. Users select a profile and a plan level – bronze, silver, gold – that most closely matches their health care needs and then the tool calculates what price they should expect to pay in their specific state including their subsidy, if they qualify.

“Consumers have been flooded with misinformation ,” says Mike Schrobo, company spokesman. “Extreme cases and gotcha headlines are referenced as the norm so we developed this tool to help correct some of those issues.” developed the Quick Quotes tool exclusively with and it’s part of a series of new features added to the site since its launch in October, such as call center support and auto-insurance options.

The Quick Quotes tool is available for immediate use at the Health Care Marketplace at

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