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Missed Open Enrollment? Here Are Two Great Options

The Open Enrollment Period for Obamacare 2016 has ended. However, if you missed the deadline you still have options:

Get a cheaper alternative to Obamacare with Short-Term Insurance.

What is Short-Term Health Insurance? Short-term insurance is great if you:

  • Need coverage and Open Enrollment has ended
  • Need coverage immediately (coverage can start the next day)
  • Don’t have a pre-existing condition
  • Don’t have a qualifying life event
  • Need a plan for less than 12 months
  • Acknowledge that you understand that short-term plans do not comply with the individual mandate under the law

Plans can start as low as $50 per month.

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If you had a “qualifying life event” you can still enroll in Obamacare/ACA insurance and receive subsidy discounts.

What does this mean? If you had a “Qualifying Life Event” you are allowed to enroll in health insurance outside of the Open Enrollment period. If you experienced one of these events in the last 60 days, you can enroll in a plan up until the 60th day after the event occurred:

  • You got married or divorced
  • You had a child or adopted a child
  • You turned 26 yrs old and will lose coverage on your parent’s plan
  • You lost health coverage from your job
  • You moved locations and your insurance is no longer offered
  • You had a change in income (and are now eligible for a bigger or smaller subsidy)
  • View more Qualifying Life Events

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