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Health Insurance Premiums Down Nationwide for 2019

The Trump administration is taking credit for a recent 1.5 percent drop in 2019 premiums for the second-lowest silver plan under Obamacare. This is the benchmark health care coverage level that subsidies are based upon. This year, the largest premium reduction is in Tennessee, with a 26.2 percent decrease. Seema Verma, Administrator for the Centers […]

New HRA Rules Could Boost Choice for Employers and Their Workers

Quite a few of the healthcare policy decisions made by the Trump administration have been mired in partisanship and acrimony, but this is certainly not the case with a proposed rule recently published on the Federal Register. The rule in question involves the expansion of health reimbursement agreements, known as HRAs, that would benefit Americans […]

New CMS Rule Would Require Drug Companies to List Price in TV Ads

One in five Americans will go without the health care he needs because he can’t afford it. To decrease the out-of-pocket cost for patients, the federal government wants to make drug companies include in television ads the price of drugs and biological chemicals covered by Medicare and Medicaid. Pharmaceuticals companies, who say the law interferes […]

New Waivers for States Could Signal Flexible, Affordable Health Insurance Markets

On October 22, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) announced that states would be given authority to relax some of the guidelines for insurance under the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Framed as giving states “the flexibility to lower premiums and increase choices” for consumers, it’s also a weakening of ACA regulations that are […]

Mega Merger for Aetna and CVS 

After drawn-out legal proceedings with the Justice Department, CVS Health and Aetna have finally agreed to a gigantic $69 billion merger deal. provided that the companies divest part of the business prior to officially merging. This merger is the most recent in a spate of huge health insurance and health provider buyouts and mergers, which […]

Health Insurers Find Stable Footing in 2019

According to a recent report from S&P Global Ratings, 2019 should be a strong year for health insurers. The financial analyst firm predicts that the American health insurance market is likely to remain stable over the course of the year. Conditions are generally favorable for those doing business in this sector at the moment. For […]

Another Area Affected By Government Shutdown: Food Inspections

The federal government’s shutdown is touching the lives of more than its furloughed employees. From issues reported at national parks to potential delays in processing upcoming tax returns, the shutdown is creeping into the lives of every American. Now the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is reporting that they have suspended routine food inspections. What’s […]

Beware the Trade-Offs for “Medicare for All”

In 2017, Senator Bernie Sanders introduced legislation that would expand Medicare into a universal health insurance system for the country. The bill, known as Medicare for All, was supported by at least 15 Democratic senators and would provide universal health coverage without any premium costs for consumers. Senator Sanders believes that the healthcare system in […]

5 Things to Know About Open Enrollment 2019

This year marks the sixth enrollment season for the Affordable Care Act, which set aside a period each year during which people could buy health insurance or change their existing plans. While job-based health plans have their own signup period, everyone else must adhere to the official time frame laid out by the government, whether […]

Overview of Major Medical Insurance

When it comes to health insurance, you may be confused by the many different terms used by insurance companies that describe your coverage. You have probably heard terms like “major medical insurance,” “minimum essential benefits,” or other terms that may not make sense to you. One of the most important terms to understand, however, is […]