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Official Stats: Obamacare is Working

Results are finally in: new survey data released today from the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation found that nearly 60% of enrollees in ACA exchange health plans, aka Obamacare plans, were previously uninsured –most of them for 2 years or more. It also shows that the majority of enrollees, 55%, believed their plans were a “good value” or better.

6 in 10

Good Value
The poll focused on those who got health insurance in the critical “non-group market” and excludes people already covered by job-based health plans or government programs such as Medicare and Medicaid.

This new data follows the results of several other studies showing similar successes of the new health law:

  • The average monthly cost for consumers with a subsidy was just $82 a month. The subsidies helped cut costs for these consumers by 76% on average compared to the regular, un-subsidized cost (Source: Department of Health and Human Services).
  • Consumers can save money by choosing plans offering narrower provider networks, and there’s “no meaningful” difference in health outcomes between plans with narrow hospital networks and those offering broader networks. (Source: McKinsey & Co.)
  • Projected rate increases for 2015 are coming in well below expectations. Anthem Blue Cross rates will rise by less than 10% next year, about in line with health plan rate increases in the individual market in the pre-ACA era. (Source: Anthem Blue Cross.)

Despite criticisms of the law from far-reaching activist groups, the landslide of positive data continues to affirm that the law is working and it’s dramatically improving the lives of millions of Americans. To view the entire KFF report, click here (PDF).

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