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The Affordable Care Act Eliminates Coverage Problems for Pre-Existing Conditions

Health insurance companies have never been good to anyone with pre-existing health problems. Most people found the only way they could get health insurance was if they agreed with the insurance company that the problem area would not be covered. In the past, pre-existing conditions meant that it would be nearly impossible to get health insurance. Anyone who has ever been diagnosed with a serious health condition has probably gone to battle with insurance companies at least once. It never seemed to matter how minor the condition was, or how much time had passed since the last time the individual had been effected, most insurance companies refused to cover it, or if they did provide coverage, the policy was so expensive few people could afford it.

The Affordable Care Act eliminates all of that nonsense. No matter what type of health problems you might have experienced in the past, the insurance company MUST provide coverage. The new policy has been very specific. Starting in 2014, American health insurance companies will no longer be able to use pre-existing conditions as an excuse for:

  • Charging higher rates
  • Refusal to provide coverage
  • Partial exclusion from coverage

No More Refusals Based on Family History

Children and grandchildren of people who have struggled with health problems such as diabetes, cardiovascular problems, and cancer know that getting health insurance can be a real struggle. In most cases they were forced to pay an extremely high premium, in other cases they’ve been denied health insurance altogether. The insurance companies in the United States are for profit organizations. They don’t want to insure someone with a family history of health problems because they’re worried that they will lose money if the policyholder develops the same condition.

Under the ACA plan, insurance companies will be forced to set aside their bottom line and cover everyone, no matter what their genetic history might be. The insurance companies will also have to charge a fair rate for the policy.

No More Dropped Policies

Consider this common scenario: A man visits the emergency room when he experiences chest pain and shortness of breath. After conducting tests, doctors determine that the patient has mildly high cholesterol, but the chest pain was likely caused by indigestion, stress, or anxiety. At first, the patient feels relieved. He follows the advice of his doctors and gets some rest and tries to avoid stressful situations. Unfortunately, he later gets a letter from his health insurance company stating that they had decided to drop his coverage since he had been seen for heart problems. To get new coverage would be nearly impossible now that he has a pre-existing condition.

Under the ACA, individuals will be able to go to the emergency room and have immediate health concerns addressed without having to worry about the single appointment resulting in their losing their health insurance.

The ACA promises to eliminate the stress and time individuals with pre-existing conditions and a family history with health problems expended when it came to getting the health insurance they deserved.


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