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Those Who Will Benefit Most From the Affordable Care Act

Although there are many benefits available through the Affordable Care Act, such as greater access to numerous preventive health care services, a wide range of choices through the state health insurance exchanges, and coverage opportunities for everyone, there are certain customers who will reap the most benefits from the implementation of the various pieces of the act. The underlying premise of the health care reform is to provide all Americans with access to high-quality medical care. Below are those that will benefit most and be sure to check the latest rates here.


Patients With Pre-Existing Conditions

In the past, insurance companies have denied coverage as a result of pre-existing conditions. Under the healthcare reform program, insurance companies are forbidden from denying coverage on application for pre-existing conditions. The goal of this stipulation is to ensure that even those individuals with a health history or medical condition will be able to get the coverage and assistance they need.


Those Who Want Preventive Care

Previously, it might have been too expensive for individuals to get preventive care and tests that could help promote overall wellness to catch medical issues before they developed into bigger problems. Now that a wide battery of preventive services and tests must be covered in health insurance plans, it will be much easier to get the regular appointments and treatments that can help you live a healthier and longer life. This is one way in which the new healthcare reform will likely have the biggest impact. A better understand of preventive care and greater affordability for obtaining these services will benefit a broad range of patients across the country.


Those With No Existing Health Coverage

The greatest push for the Affordable Care Act was drawn out of statistics about how many Americans were unable to afford coverage of their own. When coverage was simply out of reach, many individuals were not able to access regular and affordable care. Unfortunately, for some of these individuals, without consistent physicals and routine care, serious medical conditions developed and grew worse over time. As part of the Affordable Care Act, Americans and their family members will be able to shop through a wide range of healthcare plans that will align with their individual needs and budgets. Those who may have gone without health care coverage in the past will reap the benefits of access to health care plans ideal for them.


Low-Income Individuals and Families

Since the Affordable Care Act is intended to make coverage affordable for everyone, there are subsidies for families that quality. If your income falls a certain threshold under the poverty line, you may also be eligible for expanded coverage in the Medicaid program. At this time, not every state is participating in this Medicaid expansion, so you can learn more about where your state comes down on the issue by checking out this site. The Kaiser Family Foundation has conducted research determining that as many as 48% of Americans purchasing individual insurance may be eligible for subsidies from the government. If you earn up to 40% of the federal poverty line, you’ll be eligible for a subsidy (in real dollars, that’s about $45,960 for an individual and $94,200 for a family of four.)

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